April 27th Weatherford UPDATE due to weather!

Here is the deal on tomorrow’s race in Weatherford.
We are not canceling! We are changing the schedule up to try and beat the rain. Rain chances go up as the day goes on tomorrow afternoon.
We will do exhibitions 9:30am-11:30am and have the race at 12pm. No 5pm section.
If we need to add an earlier page at 9am we can do that too.
We had 22 people enter the 5pm section. So if you had exhs on the 3:00pm-4:30pm pages, or if you’re entered in the 5pm section please call Nextgen (903) 287-7852 and let them know if you want to move to the 12pm section and move your exhibitions too or if you’d like a refund. Please don’t message me to move you…contact Nextgen.
I know this won’t accommodate everyone and I’m sorry for that, but this is the best we can do!
I will post updated exhs and draw later this evening.
You may still walk up and enter at the race! No late fees, no award fees, no dress code!
We will have a food truck with hotdogs 🌭 and all kinds of goodies and one coffee trailer with all kinds of coffees and treats!! So come hungry and thirsty!
See yall tomorrow! 🤠