Cowtown Coliseum – Mothers Day

Cowtown Coliseum
Fort Worth Stockyards
$500.00 Added Plus Mother Daughter or Son Barrel Race
Books: 10:30am
Exhibitions: 11:00am – 2:30pm
Open 5D: 3:00pm

Open 5D
Entry Fee $40
Youth Incentive $20
Adult Incentive $20
Senior Incentive $20
Arena Fee $10
Award Fee $10
Exhibitions $5
80% Payback Sliding Scale

Mother Daughter or Son
$40 Per team
80% Payback
Pays 1 hole for every 5 teams
Plaques 1st Place Team
Option to roll your time to Open 5D

Open 5D Results

Youth Incentive Results

Adult Incentive Results

Senior Incentive Results

Info Call 817-343-4361

Mothers Day Pre-Draw List