Running for the Roses 2/14/16

Cowtown Coliseum
Books: 9:00am
Exhibitions: 9:30am – 2:30pm
Open 5D: 3:00pm
$2000.00 added
Entry fee $60
Arena Fee $10
Exhibitions $5

Running for the Roses Pre-Draw

Open 5D Results

Youth Incentive Results

Adult Incentive Results

Senior Incentive Results

Cowtown Coliseum

Cowtown Coliseum is a 3,418-seat multi-purpose arena in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. The Coliseum hosts weekly rodeos. It hosts local sporting events and concerts and began hosting the Fort Worth Sixers of the National Indoor Football League starting in 2007.

The venue was built in 1908 and was refurbished in 1986. Elvis Presley once performed there. Part of the historic Fort Worth Stockyards, the structure is the first ever indoor arena for rodeos in the United States

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